Enjoyment, Progression, Development
Academy-Standard Football Coaching and Training for Young Players in Wetherby

At Calcio Football Centre we are passionate about giving children and young adults chances to improve and develop their football through an extensive player development programme, encouraging and experienced coaches and a strong scouting network. 

We have a playing philosophy that stems from the England FA DNA. Players are encouraged to be:

- Creative and comfortable on the ball

- Strong and confident in and out of possession

- Build a robust self esteem

- Develop a life long love of learning

- Become independent problem solvers

Calcio Football Foundations:

What Makes Our Football Coaching Unique

Our sessions focus on our players being able to confidently dictate and manipulate the ball in different ways. What is commonly known as 'ball mastery', this forms the foundation of all our coaching and what we want the players to succeed in. 

Ball mastery is not just about learning impressive new tricks. Players use it to help them solve problems on the pitch, beat an opponent, create a chance and to help their team in creative and different ways. 

Also we encourage players to adopt a growth mind-set. The belief that you can develop your abilities through dedication and hard work.


Calcio Elite Talent Centre:

Football Coaching for Outstanding Young Players

Our Elite Centre provides players aged 11-15 with a chance to progress to a higher level, receive outstanding coaching and challenge themselves. 

Through periodic reviews, detailed coaching sessions and an extensive match programme. These players get the chance to play against local, top quality sides, whilst maintaining their place with their grassroots club.


Calcio 1:1 and Small Groups Training:

Football Coaching for Individualised Development

Another branch of our centre is our commitment to 1-2-1 individual sessions where we give the chance to perfect a certain skill or other aspect of their game.

These principles form the basis for our review system (available on request) and they also form our training blocks in groups and individually.  

We recommend young players sign up to each block as a whole where they can delve deeper into the principle being coaching, and have detailed coaching to improve that aspect of the game.